Timeless Wedding Images: Why You Need a Documentary Wedding Photographer in DC

June 20, 2019

Just like the trends we’ve seen graciously (and not so graciously) enter and exit the fashion scene throughout the years, weddings are no exception to fads. Styles that seem like good ideas at the time may cause your own dismay in a few decades or even a few years. And while today’s technological advances make photography greater than ever, nothing beats the classics. Your wedding photographs are quite arguably the most important you’ll take, and with years ahead of you to admire these images, it’s essential to capture each and every moment in a photographic style that will stand the test of time. Here’s why choosing a timeless style for your wedding and wedding photography will have you thanking your documentary wedding photographer in DC fifty years in the future.


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Why It’s Important for Your Wedding Photography to Be Timeless

Professional photographers can do more than ever with their talent in today’s world. Today, it’s all the rage to add filter after filter to your photographs. Modern photography can include preset color tones that impart a matte look, dark and moody feel, or even a faded or overexposed look. While that’s great for your everyday trendy photos on Instagram, it may not be the style you wish to see as you grow old with your loved one.

For example, past decades have given us a variety of photographic styles that we now laugh, or even flinch, at. The 1990s and early 2000s saw trends with selective color and dutch tilt. The 80s produced varied sepia tones, and the 70s gave us those blinding (and now regarded as “cheesy”) double exposure wedding photos. Even poses have gone through their changes throughout the years (who can forget the trendy shot of the bridal party jumping in the air?).

While it can be hard to do, ignoring current trends and sticking to a classic style for your photographs is a surefire way to enjoy and love your photos at any age. You, your spouse, and the generations to come can enjoy, admire, and relate to the beauty of timeless photographs. Not just beautiful today, classic and timeless wedding photographs inspire beauty for every generation. Whether it’s a Prince and Princess or JFK and Jackie O, there is a reason why their wedding photos will always be remembered. Timeless wedding photographs are simple and allow the viewer to enjoy the moment and connection that was captured.

6 Tips For Achieving Wedding Photographs That Will Stand the Test of Time

  1. Opt for a Clean Editing Style

For the most part, there are some general rules you can follow to ensure your wedding results in images that are classic and timeless. Images that stand the test of time typically shouldn’t require a ton of postproduction work from the photographer. Great, timeless wedding images should speak for themselves. Simple, real, timeless looks and editing styles can include:

  • Black and white photographs
  • Natural skin tones
  • Candid, documentary photos


  1. Pose Simply or Go Candid

While capturing real moments in an unobtrusive way is at the top of a documentary photographer’s list, every wedding requires posing for at least a few photographs, right? A beautiful picture of the couple, wedding party, and families will always be appreciated. But while it may be easy to get caught up in the moment, remember that simple poses are always best. Couples holding each other, clean lines of the wedding parties, beautiful families joining together, and “first look” shots are always elegant, sophisticated, and classic.

Furthermore, some of the most timeless and beautiful shots during a wedding are the moments you are experiencing. Documentary photographers specialize in capturing real moments that allow you to relive the experience every time you look at the photos. Sure it’s nice to pose and get some great, classic shots, but it’s also important to capture raw emotions and moments that provide you and the viewer deep and personal connections.


  1. Don’t Forget the Details

In order for your photos to look timeless, the content must also be timeless. Take time to think about the style of dress, tux, etc. Simple, white dresses exude elegance, while classic tuxes are easy to achieve with jet black or navy blue. Also, consider minimal decor classic pieces for pre-planned photographs. Fashion, colors, and decor in your photographs should be stylish, but understated. Try to avoid large quantities of flashy, bright colors. Consider natural, neutral, and elegant flower arrangements and bouquets.

In photographs that make you say, “wow,” nothing distracts from the moment and memory. The people in the photos, as well as your experience at that moment, is what you’ll want to capture.


  1. Don’t Shirk All Traditions

Even if you’re not on the tradition bandwagon, you’ll appreciate at least some of the imagery of it later. While certain traditional elements of a wedding, such as the garter toss, are fading fast, other traditional elements are sure to stand the test of time. Things like holding your family heirlooms or “something borrowed,” and the first dance are all traditions that become beautifully-captured moments in photographs, and will never go out of style. Moments such as the first time your parents see you in your gown, dancing with your bridal party, and leaving the ceremony will be equally sentimental decades from now.



  1. Keep It Personal

It’s possible to have a stylish, timeless wedding and a personalized one at the same time. Timeless photography doesn’t have to be boring, and it’s important to be happy with every decision you make. With the proper photography team, your ideas and dreams should come to fruition without the cost of giving up your favorite colors, flowers, or venue. Your happiness will be the most timeless moment to capture on the big day. Wedding photographs of genuine smiles, happy tears, and real joy will always be in style.



6. Find the Right Photographer

Not every photographer is the same and it’s important to choose a professional that will capture your vision of the big day. Your photographer, after all, is the one responsible for providing you with those images you will enjoy for your whole lifetime. You should have a good connection with your photographer, similar philosophies regarding style, as well as an open line of communication. The ideal photographer knows how to capture the most important moments and emotions of the day.

Documentary photographers specialize in photographing moments, people, places, and things as they are represented in front of them in a beautiful way. For a documentary wedding photographer in DC whose imagery is candid, genuine, and full of emotion, contact us here at Olivia Jacob Photography.

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