Virginia Vineyard Microwedding

December 2, 2020

~ Christina & Josh | 2020 ~

“In the fall of 2007, a group of college best friends decided to meet up with a bunch of randos from the internet in Arlington, Virginia. That was the first moment Josh and Christina laid eyes on each other, but no words were spoken that night. None were needed.

Fast forward through many trials and tribulations to a summer day in 2010 that was so special our ‘couple’ would never forget. Christina was stretched across the couch watching Animal Planet. She heard the turn of the lock and enter our hero. He strode over to the couch confidently while Christina was absorbed in her animal stories. He said to her without waiting to see if she was even listening, ‘So I was thinking, what if we just became a couple for real?’ Christina, who was not expecting nor ready for this could not believe her ears. I’m sure there was lots of excitement (probably tears), but the exact wording is lost forever due to how special this moment was.

In true Josh fashion, the proposal was more or less the same. Before even getting a ring, Josh popped the question in such a spontaneous and romantic way. He poked his head out of the kitchen and asked, ‘We could go down to the courthouse and get married if you want. You know, for taxes and stuff.’ Christina was so overcome with emotion that she had to refuse due to the excess of romance. Josh’s second try was a winner!

Josh had planned to propose after secretly picking up the ring they had bought on a whim in December 2018. Christina was so unaware of this plan that she stayed over at Liz’s (Best Woman) house late into the evening on an early January night, long enough that Josh fell asleep and resigned to the fact that he would have to postpone. The following day, Christina was dressed to the nines in her fanciest sweatshirt from the 8th grade getting ready to head out for a massage. With five minutes before her departure, Josh (a carpe diem sort of guy) thought there was no time like the present and got down on one knee and said, ‘Before you go, I would love it if you would be my wife.’ Christina, of course, said yes to the non-existent question. They quickly took a picture with their pup Kingsley to commemorate the occasion.”

The couple has the following advice for those looking to get married: “Marriage is a union between two individuals. Keep your individuality but grow as a couple. Do away with traditions that don’t make sense and make your wedding experience your own!”


Photography | Olivia Jacob Photography

Venue & Catering | Bluemont Vineyard

DJ | Sound Wave Entertainment, Gainesville, VA

Florals | Rick’s Flowers, Sterling, VA

Videography | Shutter & Sound, Baltimore, MD

Bridal Gown | Labella Bridal Boutique

Groom’s Tuxedo | Tom James

Invitations | 38 Designs Studio

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