US National Arboretum Engagement

September 19, 2019

~Jennifer & Eric ~

Jennifer and Eric’s engagement session at the National Arboretum could not have been any more perfect! They got to stay after hours and had the whole place to themselves and their pup to run around!

A lot of wedding blogs will advise you to take engagement photos at a place that is special to you—where you got engaged or the location of your first date, etc. But your engagement session is also an opportunity to create special memories at a NEW place. Now, Jennifer and Eric will always have these fields, columns, and sky. They can come back for picnics or walks or events for the rest of their life together and always have this moment.

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Want your engagement photos at the US National Arboretum? Be aware that they do require a permit and the permit takes two or more weeks to secure. But as you can see, it is definitely worth it!

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