The Fairmont Washington Hotel Wedding

December 28, 2018


~ Tristan & JP | October 21, 2017 ~

Tristan and JP married at their Fairmont Washington Hotel wedding on a clear fall day. This day was full of surprises, including one hiccup right at the beginning of the ceremony, which I’ll explain at the end of this post. But, everyone rolled with the punches and at the end of day this happy couple married in a ceremony that could not have been any more beautiful!

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First, you should know that these two are the sweetest, most laid-back couple you will ever meet. In my first interactions with the bride, she described herself and her fiancé as “pretty joyful and sentimental people.” As a result, when it came time to look for a wedding photographer, the bride specifically looked for a photographer to capture “candid, emotional pictures . . . that capture exactly how people felt on their wedding day.” I was thrilled that Tristan and JP chose me to capture their special day.

Getting Ready

For the couple’s Fairmont Washington Hotel wedding ceremony, Tristan wore a French, antique, pearl choker. This choker is a family heirloom and has sentimental value to the engaged couple.

ivory roses wedding boutonnières

In addition, the bride wore the same perfume she was wearing when she first met her future husband.

French, antique, pearl choker and perfume she was wearing
wedding ballgown hanging in Fairmont Hotel DC wedding
Bride sitting on hotel bed with bridal bouquet in Fairmont Hotel DC
A sapphire wedding ring and a diamond engagement ring
Bride hanging up her wedding gown in Fairmont Hotel DC
Bride being zipped into wedding dress

Finally, the bridesmaids wore mismatching, but coordinating, pale dresses. Each bridesmaid looked gorgeous!

the bridesmaids wore mismatching, but coordinating, pale dresses
bridal portrait with smokey eye
Groom in black tux with ivory rose boutonnière
formal bridal party walking in DC
Bridal party laughing with ivory roses and pale pink dresses
bride and maid of honor laughing
bride twirling with veil
bridal bouquet with ivory roses
bride twirling with veil
bride and groom hugging under veil
bridal portrait of couple marrying at Fairmont Hotel DC
bridal portrait of couple marrying at Fairmont Hotel DC
Bridal portrait of couple marrying in Fairmont Hotel DC Wedding
Seating Charts at Fairmont Hotel DC Wedding

Large, gold mirrors served as welcome signs and seating charts. In the ceremony space, ivory ribbon cordoned off the aisle. Tall, ivory floral arrangements on mirrored stands flanked the end of the aisle.

seating chart at Fairmont Hotel DC Wedding
Ceremony space for Fairmont Hotel DC Wedding
bride kissing mother at Fairmont Hotel DC Wedding
Wedding ceremony at Fairmont Hotel Washington DC
Bride and groom exit wedding ceremony at Fairmont Hotel DC
Bride and groom head table decorations at Fairmont Hotel DC

Guests dined on butter poached Maine lobster and seared tenderloin.

ivory and gold wedding tablescape and centerpiece ideas

After the emotional ceremony, friends and family celebrated the couple with toasts.

Bride and groom laughing during toasts
the couple shared their first dance to Ed Sheeren’s “Perfect.”

The bride and groom shared their first dance to Ed Sheeren’s “Perfect.” “I found a love for me / Darling just dive right in/ And follow my lead”

bride and groom dancing at Fairmont Hotel Wedding
Bride and guests dancing at the Fairmont Washington Hotel Wedding

Finally, all of the wedding guests had a blast dancing on the Fairmont Hotel’s raised dance floor.

bride tossing bouquet at Fairmont Washington Hotel Wedding

According to WeddingBee, the tradition of throwing the bouquet originated in England. WeddingBee explains, “Brides were considered lucky, so guests would try to grab something belonging to her (such as her dress, hair, or flowers) to improve their luck. To make her escape, the bride threw her bouquet into the crowd.”

Bride hugging bridesmaid at Fairmont Washington Hotel Wedding

Now for the hiccup mentioned above. The bride and bridesmaids got stuck in an elevator minutes before they were supposed to walk down the aisle! The string quartet played Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring a few times while the guests waited for the ceremony start. However, the hotel staff was super quick about getting everyone out safely. In the end, the guests and the bridal party were not phased one bit.


I’m so happy that this beautiful Fairmont Washington Hotel Wedding was featured on United With Love. United With Love wrote:

“The first thing we noticed about today’s wedding was the infectious happiness surrounding the bride and groom. Today’s bride Tristan didn’t stop smiling for one second of her wedding day. And that’s how we like it! The love and happiness really shines through in each and every photo. While the details are always gorgeous, having an amazing experience on your wedding day always supersedes the décor! The joy on Tristan’s face during their first look is what makes those wedding moments so special!

Alongside their intimate portraits, the couple mixed personal moments into their DC hotel wedding! The elegant and classic Fairmont DC wedding day was complete with a cool collection of mix and match bridesmaids dresses, the fluffiest white flowers by Edge Floral and lots of personal details like the family heirloom choker Tristan wore for a portion of the day. The gold metallic accents elevated the day to feel luxurious and tied all of the design elements together.”

This Fairmont Washington Hotel wedding was truly one I’ll never forget. Congratulations to this happy couple!

* * *

Fairmont Washington Hotel Wedding Vendors

Photography | Olivia Jacob Photography with Second Shooter Vivian N. (credited with first photo, portraits of groom, and vertical tabletop detail photos above)

Coordination | Caroline Dutton Events

DJ | Bialek’s Music

Florals | EDGE Floral Event Designers

Hair & Makeup | Georgetown Bride

Venue & Catering | The Fairmont Washington, DC Georgetown 

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