Meridian Hill Park Engagement

October 26, 2017


Jessica and Chris woke up extra early for a sunrise Meridian Hill Park engagement photography session. As a result, we were all extra tired! They had just returned from Atlanta. There, Jessica went dress shopping at Bridals by Lori–the shop on Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta! I know Jessica could wear anything and look amazing, but I cannot wait to see her wedding dress next May! 

Couple laughing on steps of Meridian Hill Park in DC

Sunrise is such a great time to photograph a Meridian Hill Park engagement because the park is very peaceful. Usually, it is bustling with activity. I’ve seen drum circles, bootcamps, and chess players in the park. But, because we shot at sunrise, we basically had the entire park to ourselves.

However, I’ll admit that I was hesitant about shooting Jessica and Chris’s Meridian Hill Park engagement session at sunrise. This was because I was pregnant during this shoot and I had pretty bad morning sickness. I felt sick all during the drive to DC and in the moments before Jessica and Chris showed up.

Then, once we started shooting, I felt great! Jessica and Chris never knew that I was feeling queasy. And, it was so nice to be able to get my mind off things and focus on the couple. When I’m shooting, I’m always trying to look for those split second moments where the couple is relaxed and interacting with each other naturally. I think it is almost impossible to feel sick when I’m doing that because so much energy is spent just observing.

And it really helped that these two are particularly sweet and so much fun to photograph. They didn’t need hardly any posing or coaching. You can just see how much natural chemistry they have in each one of their photos. You can see Jessica and Chris’s Running Hare Vineyard wedding here.

If you’d like to discuss how I can help capture your engagement, please contact me here. My baby is big now, so I promise I won’t have morning sickness at your shoot. 🙂


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