Historic Fairfax County Courthouse Wedding

July 19, 2020

~ Shannon & Michael | June 13, 2020 ~

Shannon and Michael picked June 13, 2020 as their wedding date. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced so many couples to change their plans, Shannon and Michael decided to postpone their larger celebration and have a beautiful micro wedding on their original date at the Historic Fairfax County Courthouse. Afterwards, the bride told me “I’m so glad we decided to go ahead and not let COVID delay the start of our marriage.”

I asked Shannon and Michael for any tips they had for couples. The bride shared that “it was much harder to plan this small ceremony than our big wedding (the easiest decision was having you take the pictures!). Larger weddings are much more paint by numbers in some ways. Even though neither the tux nor the dress fit, we didn’t have enough chairs, and other small hiccups, it was perfect.”

The groom stated that “In deciding whether to elope or not we considered a few things how important it was to get married sooner than later, what was the significance of June 13 (if any), and what it would mean to get ‘married twice’. Ultimately, we realized that June 13 was a date we both decided on and worked towards. We divided and conquered. The date, in many ways, was our first project as a unified front. Then in looking at a June elopement and a fall wedding, we realized that the elopement would be the celebration of our love and commitment to one another, while the wedding would be the celebration of our marriage. So we got hitched.”

I applaud Shannon and Michael and all the couples out there who are making their micro weddings work for them! I love to be able to document these important moments. And of course, I can’t wait to photograph Shannon and Michael’s (and all of my other couples’) larger receptions at a later date!

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