Scheduling an engagement photography session with your wedding photographer is a great opportunity to get to know your photographer personally, get to know her shooting style, learn what poses you really like or maybe don’t like, and become more comfortable with having your portrait taken. Such a portrait session is not something that couples do everyday, so it is natural that couples may not know where to begin in preparing. Below are ten tips to help you walk into your engagement session fully prepared and ready to get great portraits!

  • Communication.  Share your photography hopes, dreams, and fears with your photographer. If you prefer to be photographed on one side, share that. If you dislike photos that show your teeth, share that as well. Will you use the photos in a save-the-date, newspaper announcement, album, or in some other way? The more info the better, so don’t hesitate to share.

  • Wardrobe.  Wear something well-tailored that makes you feel great! If you are constantly tugging or adjusting your shirt or dress, I can promise that it will not photograph well. Solid colors or large, simple prints work well. No need to wear match-matchy outfits, but the overall feel of your outfits should complement each other such as this example, this second example, or this last example.
  • Sleep.  Get plenty of sleep the night before your session. Not only will it help alleviate puffiness and red eyes, but you will be in a better mood during your session.
  • Eat.  Portrait sessions are not fun when you are hungry. Definitely eat a healthy breakfast or lunch before the session.

  • Hair/Makeup.  An engagement photography session is the perfect opportunity to do your wedding hair and makeup trial and see what it will look like in photos.
  • Manicures.  I recommend both members of the couple get manicures. Your hands will be in the photos.
  • Relax Your Hands.  Speaking of hands, they should be relaxed in your photos. Whether you are holding hands or touching your partner’s face, waist, or shoulder, your hands should be light and fingers slightly curled. You don’t want to be photographed with a death-grip or balled-up fist.
  • Relax Your Legs.  For a natural-looking standing photo, your weight should be on one leg with the other leg slightly bent.

  • Embrace The Awkward.  Unless you are a professional model, chances are you may feel a little awkward at the start of your session simply because it is a new experience in which you are the center of attention. It is perfectly natural to have such feelings. In my experience with my clients, that feeling quickly dissipates. So if you find yourself feeling a little awkward, embrace the feeling, have a little laugh, and it will go away in a few minutes.
  • Be Prepared To Say Yes!  Be open to trying new things and trust that your photographer is going to do everything in her power to make sure you love your photos. For example, perhaps your photographer will suggest taking some photographs in a location that doesn’t look very interesting, but the light is amazing, or your photographer will actually be standing from an angle that makes the location interesting.

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