Holy Rosary Church and Park Hyatt Wedding Photography: Amy & Rich

How cool are Amy and Rich? Well, Little Wayne and Drake were at their wedding, so . . . I think that speaks for itself.  (To be clear, when I say “at their wedding” I mean they were staying at the same hotel as Amy and Rich–the fabulous Park Hyatt in Washington, DC).

Amy and Rich met during college.  It is a cute story the couple has entitled “Hams, Yams, and a Tree.”  As Amy explains:

Our first date was somewhat of an accident. In November, I had gotten four tickets to the lighting of the National Christmas Tree. Two of the people who were supposed to go with us canceled, so Rich and I ended up going alone. After making our way to the Ellipse and through security, we sat in the cold for a few hours just to watch President Bush push a button to light the tree.

After the tree was sufficiently lit, we headed to the nearest restaurant – a very crowded Cosi. Rich nervously waited in line, wondering if it would really be a date if he paid for both of us. After some time, we ended up with the last two ham & yam sandwiches and hot chocolates.

So much suspense waiting for the walk down the aisle.

Amy stopped to hug her mom as she walked down the aisle–incredibly sweet!!

This photo is for Rich!  During Catholic wedding ceremonies some couples present flowers at a side altar to the Virgin Mary.  Rich and Amy had not rehearsed this part of the ceremony.  Here is their reaction when the priest made the announcement that they would present flowers!:)

My fav photo below on left.  Thanks to second shooter Minh for these two!

Amy and Rich saved liquor bottles for a year to make their vases!  That’s my kind of DIY wedding project!

Congratulations, Amy and Rich!


Cake by Momofuku Milk Bar.

Flowers by Jeanne Ha of Park Florist.

Dress by Pronovias, style Ucifa.

Anonymous - Thanks Olivia. These are awesome!!!

Howard County Conservancy Wedding: Emily & Daniel

Some people you meet and you can just tell they have good souls.  That is Emily and Daniel.  They have devoted their lives to the noble pursuit of conservation of native pollinators, including bees, and you can see that in little details throughout their wedding.  Up until ten minutes before Emily and Daniel’s wedding ceremony at the Howard County Conservancy, the weather was gorgeous.  The light was bright, but soft from a big pillow of clouds.  Just as the bride made her way toward the aisle, the sky opened up and it pretty much poured straight through the ceremony.  Luckily, it stopped again a few minutes later.

Because marriage is an adventure.

Emily and Daniel’s family and friends helped arrange the gorgeous DIY wedding flowers lining the aisle and dinner tables.

Emily and Daniel had a beautiful Quaker wedding ceremony with a few personalized elements.  For example, I learned that at a strictly traditional Quaker wedding, no one speaks until someone feels moved to say something.  The officiant, and the couple’s good friend, explained that he was moved to start speaking right away.

The rings were passed to each guest to allow everyone an opportunity to say a blessing over them.

Another Quaker wedding tradition is the signing of a marriage certificate.  All of the guests had an opportunity to sign it as well.  And loved ones were on hand to make sure it didn’t blow away in the rain.

Thanks so much to Emily and Dan for walking through the grass for this shot.  I hope you love it as much as I do.

First Dance Song:  “You Send Me” by Sam Cooke.

Congratulations!  Thank you so much for having me at your gorgeous wedding!

Corradetti Glassblowing Studio Wedding

Happy Labor Day!  I was honored to shoot two weddings this past weekend for wonderful couples, and I hope to share those photos soon!  In the meantime, please enjoy some wedding inspiration from a Corradetti Glassblowing Studio wedding I shot last year.  If you are getting married here, I would LOVE to be your photographer!

With Gratitude xoxo, Olivia

Something unplanned is likely to happen on your wedding. I’ve seen a bridesmaid rip her dress, a bride lose her veil, and more.  At my own wedding, the DJ played the wrong first dance song!  Gabi’s wish was simple. She had been praying for no rain for weeks. Rain would be incompatible with the outdoor fête celebrating her wedding. I checked the weather every day too and remained hopeful. And then the day came. The sky was slate and sputtering. Gabi said they held off for as long as possible before finally setting up the festivities indoors.  Still, the reception was beautiful and the bride and groom glowed. Guests laughed and danced. Happiness and grace outshone the misty rain.

Though I know it is easier said than done and that you may have heard it before, don’t let a little rain (or a ripped dress or the wrong song) change the fact that your wedding is a supremely joyous time. My initial irritation over my first dance song has faded into just a funny story, but there is still that one picture of me looking mad at the reception that I am not too fond of. So, thanks very much to Gabi and Farhan who figured all that out much faster than I did, and for having me at your celebration. Your day was beautiful and I can’t wait to share all of the pictures with you!