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Arts Club of Washington Wedding Photography: Mary & Kevin

Mary and Kevin had a classic, DC wedding under beautiful blue skies.  Their venue, the Arts Club of Washington, was once home to President Monroe!  But before we got there, we took getting ready shots at Hotel Lombardy.

Mary’s garter was a treasured memento, having been worn by several of her girlfriends at their weddings.

Guys’ getting ready shots by second shooter, Minh Pham.  Thanks, Minh!

Right before the ceremony, we all figured that since Mary and Kevin were already in the tux and the dress, we might as well go over and take some photos at the White House.  It was super crowded, so we went up close to get this one with no other people around.

Dessert included mini, assorted cookie bars.  Delish!

Arlington, Virginia Wedding Photography: Susannah and Zach at Hendry House

I loved everything about Susannah and Zach’s wedding!  The Hendry House was a wonderful venue.  Their wedding planner, Katie Wannen of The Plannery, was amazing.  Make special note of Susannah’s chic gown and Zach’s polka dot tie.  Most importantly, I couldn’t have asked for a happier couple or a more loving family to photograph.  Below are a few preview pictures because I simply couldn’t wait to share.

One of the best first look reactions ever!

Thanks to second shooter, Minh Pham, for this great perspective.

Beautiful portrait by second shooter, Minh Pham.

2941 Restaurant Wedding in Falls Church

The 2941 Restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia is a great place for a wedding!  The outdoor space is beautiful, and I personally loved the bright blue wall for portraits.  This wedding took place in extreme wind, but nothing could dampen the happiness and celebratory mood!

Rockwood Manor Wedding Photography: Wendy & Henry

Wendy and Henry have a  zest for life like I have never seen.  They are world travelers, scholars, loved by many, and clearly love each other.  They had no need to choreograph their first dance because they dance on a regular basis.  Twirls and intricate footwork just naturally came out.  And Wendy–she  is as photogenic a person as I have ever met.  While some people may shy away from a camera, Wendy embraces it with exuberant happiness, confidence, and beauty.  As for Henry, I  learned during the best lady’s speech (yes, instead of a best man, Henry had a best lady, which is yet another reason this couple is so wonderful) that he has a rather interesting bucket list and is making steady progress–so inspiring!!  I greatly enjoyed being present at the wedding of two such special people.  And many thanks to my second shooter, Mihn Pham–he grabbed the aerial shots perched from high above a fire escape and they are among my very favorites of the wedding.